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Ursula Müller-Wild, Church Council Chair
"We see ourselves as a time-giving church, a clarity-giving church and a care-giving church."
Ursula Müller-Wild

Reformed Community of the Canton of Zug

The Reformed Church of the Canton of Zug consists of one community, which is divided into seven districts. The church councils of these districts shape and take responsibility for church life, together with the employees. The community encompasses the territory of the canton of Zug, along with the municipality of Meierskappel in the canton of Lucerne. The legislative body is the Great Community Council, which is made up of representatives of the seven districts and comprises 50 members. The community employs some 110 people and is headed by the Church Council, with seven members. There are also many volunteers, without whose help the diverse life of the community would be unthinkable.

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Ursula Müller-Wild
Bundesstrasse 15
6300 Zug
T+41 41 726 47 47

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Evangelisch-reformierte Kirchgemeinde des Kantons Zug
Bundesstrasse 15, 6300 Zug
T +41 41 726 47 47