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Facts and Figures

Protestant Church in Switzerland

Unity in Diversity

The 25 member churches all elect delegates to the PCS Synod.

The Synod, as the legislative body, is the supreme organ of the PCS. It elects the Council to a four-year term, which is made up of six Council members and the PCS President.

As the executive body, the Council is tasked with leadership and implementation. It is made up of seven members in total, with the PCS President employed full-time for the position.


The President is both the organization’s public representative and concerned with promoting fellowship among the member churches.

Located in Bern, the PCS Headquarters has a staff of over 30 with the task of implementing the strategies and decisions of the Council and Synod. It prepares the Council’s motions, carries out work on various topics, and prepares statements on behalf of the PCS.

Church in communion

The constitution that came into force on 1 January 2020 has put in place the foundations for the Protestant Church in Switzerland (PCS). The organization was preceded by the Federation of Swiss Protestant Churches (FSPC). The PCS is active at three levels: church parishes, member churches, and the church communion. The new constitution more strongly emphasizes being church in communion.

The PCS carries out a social mission and stands for justice, peace, and the integrity of creation. It contributes to peace among religions and expresses the Christian faith in a manner suited to our times.

The PCS, as a whole and together with its member churches, is active in connecting with Christians from around the world. This includes its membership in the Communion of Protestant Churches in Europe (CPCE), the Conference of European Churches (CEC), the World Communion of Reformed Churches (WCRC), and the World Council of Churches (WCC).

Being Protestant in the world

The PCS works towards unity among its member churches and offers them a platform for networking and mutual exchange. It provides member churches with theological and ethical groundwork with regard to the church, society, politics, culture, science, and economic issues, and drafts and issues related statements. The PCS endeavors to provide a unified view of the church in matters of theology. It advocates respect for the dignity of all human beings, just as God created them.

The PCS maintains ecumenical relations and fosters Jewish-Christian and interreligious dialogue at the national and international levels. It maintains relations with the Swiss authorities and presents the concerns of its member churches.

The Protestant Church in Switzerland (PCS) in figures

25 member churches
24 Reformed cantonal churches
Protestant Methodist Church

Synod with 80 members (legislative)

Council (executive) with 7 members, each for a four-year term

Over 30 staff members at PCS Headquarters in Bern


2 million
Protestants in Switzerland

1920 Founding of the Federation of Swiss Protestant Churches (FSPC)

2020 In accordance with its constitution, the FSPC becomes the Protestant Church in Switzerland (PCS)

PCS member churches

  • Reformed Church of Aargau
  • Protestant Reformed Church of both Appenzells
  • Reformed Church of the Canton of Basel-Landschaft
  • Protestant Church of Basel
  • Reformed Churches of Bern-Jura-Solothurn
  • Reformed Church of the Canton of Fribourg
  • Reformed Church of Graubünden
  • Protestant Church of Geneva
  • Reformed Church of the Canton of Glarus
  • Reformed Church of the Canton of Lucerne
  • Reformed Church of the Canton of Neuchâtel
  • Protestant Reformed Church of Nidwalden
  • Federation of Reformed Parishes of the Canton of Obwalden


  • Reformed Church of the Canton of Schaffhausen
  • Reformed Church of the Canton of Schwyz
  • Protestant Church of the Canton of Solothurn
  • Protestant Reformed Church of St. Gallen
  • Protestant Regional Church of the Canton of Thurgau
  • Protestant Church of Ticino
  • Reformed Regional Church of Uri
  • Reformed Church of the Canton of Vaud
  • Protestant Reformed Church of Valais
  • Reformed Community of the Canton of Zug
  • Protestant Reformed Church of the Canton of Zurich
  • Protestant  Methodist Church

Agencies and mission organizations

The PCS is committed to supporting its church agencies and mission organizations.

  • Swiss Church Aid (HEKS/EPER)
  • Mission 21
  • DM – échange et mission