Kommissionen NRB

Commission on New Religious Movements

Appreciating the pluralization of the religious land-scape

The Commission on New Religious Movements (NRM) of the Protestant Church in Switzerland (PCS) observes and reflects on contemporary religious and ideological movements and groups. Above all, it fulfills a monitoring function with regard to move-ments and currents that are outside the church.


  • The Commission on NRM/PCS informs, advises and supports the Council of the PCS.
  • The Commission on NRM/PCS is at the service of the church leadership, church agencies, pastors, staff of counseling centers, and other interested persons to help inform opinion on new religious movements.
  • The Commission on NRM/PCS cultivates contacts with organizations which are active in the same area at home and abroad, particularly with the Working Group on New Religious Movements and organizations of the Swiss Bishops’ Conference (SBC).
  • The Commission on NRM/PCS regularly organizes events and conferences.


Pfr. Martin Zürcher-Weilenmann
Betullaweg 6, 5000 Aarau
T +41 62 838 00 10, martin.zuercher@ref-aargau.ch