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Heinz Fischer
“Trusting in God and close to the people, we wish to be church together. ‘The church is a church only if it is there for others’”.
according to Dietrich Bonhoeffer

Reformed Church of the Canton of Schwyz

Since the mid-fifties, the six Reformed parishes in the canton of Schwyz have been independent public bodies with the right to collect taxes. Through the Reformed Church Federation of Central Switzerland (formerly the Diaspora Federation), they affiliated themselves with the Federation of Swiss Protestant Churches. A change in the constitution of the canton of Schwyz in the 1990s required the creation of a Roman Catholic and Reformed cantonal church. As the first “state church” in the canton of Schwyz, the Reformed Cantonal Church was established in early 1998. Until its dissolution in late 2002, it was a member of the Reformed Church Federation of Central Switzerland. Since 1 January 2003, it is a member of the Protestant Church of Switzerland PCS and is represented there by two persons in the Assembly of Delegates.

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18,400 | 6

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Heinz Fischer
Räbmatt 10, 6403 Küssnacht am Rigi
M +41 79 443 66 53

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Evangelisch-reformierte Kantonalkirche Schwyz
c/o H. Fischer, Räbmatt 10, 6403 Küssnacht am Rigi
M +41 79 443 66 53