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Pierre-Philippe Blaser
“Let us walk together! The Reformed Church of Fribourg would be delighted to share a part of your spiritual journey with you, in the footsteps of the Gospel.”
Pierre-Philippe Blaser, Synod Chair

Reformed Church of the Canton of Fribourg

The Reformed Church of the Canton of Fribourg is a small, vibrant, bilingual church that continues to grow through the influx of newcomers from the cantons of Bern and Vaud. It experiences bilingualism as enrichment. Today, the Reformed Church of Fribourg is an institution under public law and therefore a recognized partner of the state. Despite its status as a “minority church”, it has consistently been able to find a better place with and alongside its big sister, the Roman Catholic Church.

Number of members | Parishes

40’257 | 16

Legal form

corporate body under public law with legal personality


Contact president

Pierre-Philippe Blaser
Prehlstrasse 11, 3280 Murten
M +41 79 945 59 19

Contact office

Evangelisch-reformierte Kirche des Kantons Freiburg
Prehlstrasse 11, 3280 Murten
T +41 26 670 45 40