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Christoph Weber-Berg
“God believes in you. You are free. Our church lives and proclaims the liberating power of the Gospel.”
Christoph Weber-Berg, Church Council Chair

Reformed Church of Aargau

The Reformed Church of Aargau is a recognized regional church under public law with approximately 148’684 members in 75 parishes. They are served by 150 pastors, 70 persons involved in social diakonia and youth work, and many other employees and volunteers active in preaching, pastoral care, teaching and social work. It has existed as an independent cantonal church since 1803 and has had a synod as its supreme body since 1866. It is largely separated from the state and receives contributions only from its members.

Number of members | Parishes

144’155 | 75

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Christoph Weber-Berg
Stritengässli 10, 5001 Aargau
T +41 62 838 00 11

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Reformierte Landeskirche Aarau
Stritengässli 10, 5001 Aarau
T +41 62 838 00 10