Faith in the Judeo-Christian sense means trusting in God and living in fellowship with him and his church

Faith is a comprehensive way of life that is not limited to knowledge, convictions, views or opinions. Believers do not rely on themselves but on God, who gives the gift of faith and creates trust.

People perceive the world with their senses, and have direct access to their environment through touch, hearing, sight, taste and smell. Although faith in God is not based on such sensory perceptions, it does not exist independently of them either. Those who believe in the God, who communicates himself in his word – the Holy Scriptures, who trust in him and live united with him, shall have their eyes opened according to the biblical promise. The faithful recognize what remains closed to them through the senses alone. Faith does not mean perceiving a different reality, but perceiving reality differently.

Faith is not only revealed in inner states or personal beliefs: it is also recognizable to others externally. From the Reformed perspective, faith and action form an inseparable unity. Christian faith is life in fellowship. No one believes for himself alone.