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Marie-Claude Ischer
“Building up and working together, cultivating pluralism and diversity, trusting each other today and tomorrow, advancing and proclaiming the Good News.”
Marie-Claude Ischer, Synod Chair

Reformed Church of the Canton of Vaud

The mission of the Reformed Church of the Canton of Vaud is based on seven emblematic words:
unity, in order to serve together
reconciliation, in order to build relationships
healing, in order to dare to trust
competence, in order to meet challenges
agility, in order to navigate a society in flux
motivation and energy, in order to move forward
celebration, in order to share.

With enthusiasm nourished by our faith in Jesus Christ, who encourages people to give the best of themselves, the Reformed Church of the Canton of Vaud is based on governance that combines the demanding framework of a public-law organization with the human dimension of the church. Let us care for each other with kindness and cultivate pluralism and diversity.

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185,199 | 87

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Marie-Claude Ischer
Chemin des Cèdres 7, 1004 Lausanne
T +41 21 331 21 92

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Eglise Evangélique Réformée du canton de Vaud
Chemin des Cèdres 7, Case postale 6023,
1002 Lausanne
T +41 21 331 21 61