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Lukas Kundert
“We support people, live our Christian identity, treat others with respect, shape church life, take responsibility and cultivate our resources.”
Mission statement

Protestant Church of Basel

The Protestant Church of Basel sees itself as a part of worldwide Christendom. As its church constitution underscores, “the foundation of its teaching is Jesus Christ and his Gospel”. Part of the self-conception of the Reformed church is that its members should “form a personal conviction based on thought and experience”. Thus, the church is not a preconceived doctrine but arises time and again from the living examples of its members. The three main pillars of a Christian church are proclamation, diakonia and community.

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23,305 | 7

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Lukas Kundert
Rittergasse 1, 4001 Basel
T +41 61 277 45 25


Evangelisch-reformierte Kirche
des Kantons Basel-Stadt
Rittergasse 1–3, 4001 Basel

T +41 61 277 45 45

T +41 61 277 45 20