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Martina Tapernoux-Tanner
“We are a fellowship on a journey in which God tangibly works and acts. His Spirit lures us to life. Our wealth is the love of Jesus Christ.”
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Evangelical Reformed Church of both Appenzells

The origins of the Appenzell regional church go back to the time of the Reformation. As early as 1525, the cantonal assembly gave each parish the right to make its own decisions in religious matters. Some churches decided to keep the old faith while others joined the new faith. This marked the beginning of the developments that led to the division of the canton: Appenzell was divided into the Reformed canton of Ausserrhoden and the Catholic canton of Innerrhoden. Today, the Evangelical Reformed Church of both Appenzells consists of 19 communities in Ausserrhoden and a community in Innerrhoden. In ecumenical openness, it sees itself as part of a worldwide church.

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21’779 | 21

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Martina Tapernoux-Tanner
Landsgemeindeplatz 1, 9043 Trogen
T +41 76 536 06 65

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Evangelisch-reformierte Landeskirche beider Appenzell
Landsgemeindeplatz 1, 9043 Trogen
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