Protestant Church in Switzerland

Strong stakeholder of Swiss Protestants

The Protestant Church in Switzerland was founded in 2020. Its predecessor organizations were the Federation of Swiss Protestant Churches (founded in 1920), the Evangelische Tagsatzung (Protestant Diet) and the Schweizerische Reformierte Kirchenkonferenz (Swiss Reformed Church Conference, founded in 1858). 24 Reformed cantonal churches and the Protestant Methodist church in Switzerland are associated in the PCS. Overall, the PCS represents roughly 2 million Protestants, commenting on political, economical and religious issues and also interacting with the Federal Council.


The PCS represents the common interests of its member churches on a national and an international level. In the sphere of politics, the PSC liaises with federal authorities on behalf of Swiss Protestantism.

In the sphere of religion, it represents its member churches in the World Communion of Reformed Churches WCRC, the Community of Protestant Churches in Europe CPCE, the Conference of European Churches CEC and the World Council of Churches WCC. The PSC maintains relations with partner churches in Switzerland and abroad, with the Jewish and Muslim communities, the Episcopal Conference, as well as with relief agencies and mission organizations.