Society & Politics

Committed to representing the welfare of all

One of the most important tasks of the Protestant Church in Switzerland is to ensure that the church’s understanding of politics and society is heard and acknowledged. The Protestant Church in Switzerland represents the concerns of Protestantism with regard to national politics and economics, science, culture, and in civil society. This centers on values such as freedom, peace, solidarity, and the welfare of all. The Protestant Church in Switzerland therefore plays an active role in the process of consultations and votes on topics concerning ethics, social politics, ecology, and state and civil law, and takes a position on current issues based on the Reformed Protestant perspective. The Protestant Church in Switzerland advocates for respecting the human dignity of all individuals as they were created by God, regardless of their background, gender, religious convictions and beliefs, or their age. It is therefore active in the Swiss Federal Commission against Racism and the Swiss Federal Commission on Migration.


Frank Mathwig, Senior Theology and Ethics Officer