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“We live and act with confidence in the triune God, with respect for our fellow human beings and creation, conscious of our own strengths and weaknesses.”
Mission statement

Reformed Church of the Canton of Basel-Landschaft

The Reformed Church of Basel-Landschaft is a church which is devoted to people and which sees itself as a people’s church whose services benefit the entire population. Its core mission is proclaiming the Gospel in word and deed. With its 35 parishes and 13 special rectories and agencies, the Reformed Church of Basel-Landschaft is multi-faceted, diverse and colorful, offering space for encounters and community. It harbors different opinions, and transforms and renews itself. The church lives by listening to God’s Word and through the people who are involved and participate in it, who wish to shape the church in their own way. It is new today, new tomorrow, new time and time again.

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77,559 | 35

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Christoph Herrmann
Obergestadeck 15, 4410 Liestal
T +41 61 926 81 81

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Evangelisch-reformierte Kirche des Kantons Basel-Landschaft
Obergestadeck 15, 4410 Liestal
T +41 61 926 81 81