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Reto Bazzani
“The church was made for man, not man for the church.”
according to Mark 2:27-28

Evangelical Reformed Church of Nidwalden

Since early 2003, the Reformed Church of Nidwalden has been an independent member of the Protestant Church in Switzerland PCS. Our church has some 4189 members, is divided into three parish districts and employs four pastors. It is a diverse, creative Christian community that is distinctly local in character but open and communicative both within and toward those outside. In the canton of Nidwalden, Reformed Christians find themselves in a typical diaspora situation. We enjoy a valuable and fruitful ecumenical cooperation with the Catholic Church.

Number of members | Parishes

4’118 | 3

Legal form

public entity


Contact president

Reto Bazzani
Hirsernstrasse 8, 6052 Hergiswil
M +41 79 361 95 02

Contact office

Evangelisch-Reformierte Kirche Nidwalden
Buochserstrasse 16, Postfach 301, 6371 Stans
T +41 41 610 34 36