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Michael Candrian
“We are a small diaspora church that fulfills its mission in society with a zest for life and a clear message.”
Pastor Michael Candrian, president

Federation of Reformed Parishes of the Canton of Obwalden

In Obwalden, the churches are not organized at the cantonal level as regional churches, but as a Catholic and Reformed federation of parishes. This federation represents both of the parishes in Obwalden vis-à-vis the cantonal authorities, the Roman Catholic Church, the Reformed churches of central Switzerland and the Reformed churches throughout the rest of Switzerland.

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2’830 | 2

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Michael Candrian
Ennetriederweg 2, 6060 Sarnen
T +41 41 660 18 03

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Verband der Evangelisch-Reformierten Kirchgemeinden des Kantons Obwalden
Ennetriederweg 2, 6060 Sarnen
T +41 41 660 18 34