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“Taking action together out of love.”
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United Methodist Church

For approximately 150 years, the United Methodist Church UMC in Switzerland has been part of the Swiss church landscape. Its origins date back to the two Anglican priests John and Charles Wesley, who lived in 18th-century England. It is a Protestant free church with around one hundred locations, and is a member of the PCS and the Association of Protestant Free Churches and Parishes in Switzerland VFG. It is also part of the UMC, which has over 12 million members worldwide.

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5123 | 62

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Stefan Zürcher
Badenerstrasse 69, 8021 Zürich
T +41 44 299 30 60

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Evangelisch-methodistische Kirche
Badenerstrasse 69, 8021 Zürich
T +41 44 299 30 60