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Chantal Eberlé
“Trusting in the Holy Spirit who accompanies us, we are called to be a church of witnesses of Jesus Christ that goes out to meet all persons.”

Protestant Church of Geneva

As a church that emerged from the Reformation of John Calvin in the 16th century, our aim is to bear witness to the hope based on our faith in Jesus Christ, because he transforms our lives through his love and the world through his justice. An appropriate presence, availability to all and openness constitute our identity. Peacefully rooted in our convictions, we are sensitive to the search for meaning, to people’s journeys, to questioning. The church welcomes everyone, confident that every human being is unconditionally loved by God. Thanks to some 50 pastors and deacons, as well as hundreds of volunteers, it accompanies everyone throughout the various stages of life, in joy and weakness, in their quest for meaning and spiritual growth. It also strives on a daily basis for more justice and brotherliness in the world, in accordance with the word of God.

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45’284 | 31

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Chantal Eberlé
Présidente de l’Eglise protestante de Genève
24 rue Gourgas, 1205 Genève
T +41 22 552 42 10

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Eglise protestante de Genève
24 rue Gourgas, 1205 Genève
T +41 22 552 42 10