International Online Summer School: Protesting for Change – does it matter?

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The last few years have been marked by social movements and protests. People around the world have reclaimed the streets for their demands: a new, dynamic and young movement against climate change emerged as well as democratic movements in Hong Kong or Chile. Currently, people around the world are deeply moved by the death of George Floyd in the US which led them to protest against racism and for justice. Mission 21’s many partners worldwide have been in contact with these different social movements.

In three online sessions we want to use our international network to discuss the current dynamics. What makes protests a global phenomenon? How effective are they in changing our world? And what role does international solidarity play? We will discuss these and other questions with international experts, such as the political scientist Julian Brown from South-Africa (topic: Anti-Apartheid Protests), the sociologist Nicolás Somma from Chile (topic: Protests in Latin-America), the sociologist Verena Stern from Germany (protests for and against refugees) as well as activists from around the world.

Participation is free. The sessions will be held in English. There won’t be any translation.
Registration until 19 august 2020.

Date et heure

vendredi 21 août 2020 17:00 heure à
samedi 22 août 2020 16:00 heure






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