The PCS in Karlsruhe

Welcoming guests from all over the world

The Protestant Church in Switzerland PCS is a member of the WCC. Four delegates of PCS represented our Church at the 11th Assembly in Karlsruhe. Moreover, the PCS hosted a large, hospitable and interactive Swiss Hub located in the heart of the Assembly, in the so-called Networking Zone in the Brunnen area, thus contributing its unique Swiss Reformed perspective to the WCC Assembly. The program included exhibitions, events, workshops, panel discussions, and printing assembly posters on a Gutenberg press. The church communion of the Protestant Church in Switzerland came alive through a large number of volunteers from Switzerland providing support at the Swiss Hub, as well through the numerous visitors from Switzerland who traveled to Karlsruhe.

More information about the Swiss Hub, our events and presentations:

Heinz Fäh, Delegationsleiter

HF Standbild Video Karlsruhe D

Suzanne Schild, Delegierte der EKS


Sarah Bach, Delegierte der EMK

SB Standbild Video Karlsruhe D

Emma van Dorp, Delegierte der EKS

EvD Standbild Video Web Karlsruhe F

Serge Fornerod, Delegierter der EKS

SF Standbild Video Web Karlsruhe F

Elio Jaillet, Student im theologischen Studienprogramm GETI
(Global Ecumenical Theological Institute)

Interview mit Elio Jaillet zu K22