Leuenberg in Hölstein near Basel

The Leuenberg Agreement, 1973


The Leuenberg Agreement (Leuenberg Concord) is an ecumenical document adopted in 1973 by major European Lutheran, Reformed and United churches, as well as the pre-Reformation churches of the Waldensians and the Czech Brethren, at the Leuenberg Conference Centre (near Basel). The signatories of the agreement grant one another fellowship in word and sacrament on the basis of a common understanding of the gospel as expounded in the agreement. They commit themselves to common witness and service at the local, regional and European levels and to continuing their theological work. The number of churches involved has grown over the years. The churches involved originally joined the “Leuenberg Church Fellowship”, which took on the name “Communion of Protestant Churches in Europe” in 2003. Similar agreements have been established in the USA (Formula of Agreement 1997) and in the Middle East (Amman Declaration 2006)