A place of reorientation toward God’s word

Every church has a liturgy, which structures the different elements of a service. Liturgy also – and more comprehensively – has to do with the shared action of the congregation. They turn to God in prayer and song, through gestures and actions. In church practice, Christians are certain that the triune God himself is present and encounters people.

There is no uniform Reformed liturgy in Switzerland. This is not a disadvantage. Liturgical diversity reflects the trust placed in God’s effective presence through his Spirit. Despite all the differences, the basic form of the liturgy in Reformed worship is oriented toward five or (if the Lord’s Supper is being celebrated) six ‘steps’: gathering, worship, preaching, intercession, the Lord’s Supper and dismissal/blessing.

In order to pool and utilize their resources, the churches have established commissions and cross-cantonal bodies, which continue to develop the liturgy of the PCS.