The Lord’s Supper

More than just bread and wine

The Lord’s Supper is celebrated to commemorate Jesus Christ – his life, death and resurrection. Christians share bread and wine with each another in the certainty that Jesus Christ gives himself in them. He becomes our food and unites himself with us: the congregation receives him and Christ draws them into the eternal movement of his devotion to God.

The publication The Lord’s Supper from a Protestant Perspective (2004) presents the fundamental teaching on the Lord’s Supper from a Reformed standpoint. In doing so, it draws on earlier work by the Federation of Swiss Protestant Churches and its commissions and conferences, on the one hand, and on relevant texts of the Communion of Protestant Churches in Europe (CPCE), on the other. Moreover, the Council at the time made recommendations to member churches on how ecumenical cooperation in Switzerland can be organized responsibly. The document makes a contribution to ecumenical praxis in Switzerland, and helps raise awareness of the Protestant churches and build their image. The member churches and those in positions of responsibility in them thus have a tool at their disposal that also provides orientation on the status of ecumenical discussions and commitments.