Funeral Services and Thanksgiving

Consolation and hope beyond death

Reformed Christians believe that God gave life to everyone and everything. But life is not infinite. One day, a person’s life on earth comes to an end, and one leaves the community of family and friends. Those who survive their loved ones wish to bid farewell, be supported in their mourning and, last but not least, have a place to commemorate the departed.

This is what the church funeral service and burial are for. The pastor takes time for a personal conversation before the funeral, and can be contacted afterwards so that mourners do not have to walk alone.

The funeral service is also called ‘thanksgiving’. God is thanked for what was given to us with and through the departed person. Thanksgiving also involves entrusting to God what was difficult or left unfinished. Last but not least, it is about becoming aware of the fact that Christians have a hope that transcends death.