The day of the church’s beginning

Pentecost is the feast day of the Holy Spirit. It is always celebrated 50 days after Easter Sunday. In the Bible, the Acts of the Apostles recount the event of Pentecost: filled with the Holy Spirit, the disciples began to preach and speak in foreign languages, as the Spirit inspired them (Acts 2:4).

In his speech on Pentecost, Peter links this event with a call to conversion and baptism. Many people were baptized on this day.

Pentecost is thus the day of the church’s origin, its beginning. On this feast day, Christians celebrate the birthday of the church.

The Spirit of Pentecost or Holy Spirit keeps Jesus alive among the faithful. He is described in the Bible as a wind: you cannot see him, but you can feel him. He connects, liberates, opens the eyes to injustice and the mouth for truth. The Holy Spirit is also the one who brings people out of death to life. Since the Middle Ages, his symbol has been the dove.