Insights into today’s Syria

"Deep friendship gives us a little taste of heaven”

Personal account by Rev. Tabea Stalder, HEKS (Swiss Church Aid) programme officer for Church cooperation in the Middle East and Eastern Europe. She visited church partners in Damascus, Kessab, Latakia and Aleppo from 7 to 13 October 2021.

« Why have you forgotten us? »
We have to put up with this question as Western society and as a Church. We hear very little from Syria and even less from our church partners. It is important to unite in prayer with our sisters and brothers in that country. However, concrete actions of solidarity are also necessary. They need to know that we have not forgotten them. The recent visit of HEKS program officer Rev. Tabea Stalder to Syria, documented in her travel report, was such an example of solidarity. You can also help from Switzerland by making a donation for the HEKS projects of Church cooperation in Syria: Thank you for your generous support!
HEKS account for donations: CH37 0900 0000 8000 1115 1 – reference «KiZA-Syria»