Protestant Free Churches and Alliances

Numerous Swiss free churches have merged in different ways at the national level into the Association of Protestant Free Churches and Communities in Switzerland (VFG), the Swiss Protestant Alliance, and the Swiss Protestant Network (SEA-RES). Various Reformed parishes and communities are also members of SEA-RES. The Federation of Swiss Protestant Churches/Protestant Church in Switzerland maintains a regular exchange with the SEA, RES and VFG in the form of semiannual meetings.

At the meetings, participants examine theological questions (e.g. the understanding of mission and evangelization), discuss social ethical questions and political position statements (e.g. on the protection of Sunday and religious freedom), reach agreements on possible joint strategies, consider possible joint projects (e.g. the organization of Christustag or Christ’s Day), and share information on ongoing and planned activities.

The purpose of this exchange is to promote mutual understanding and determine scope for action where we as Protestant Christians in Switzerland can walk together and in a visible way.


Serge Fornerod, Vice-Director an Director of External Relations
Member of the Executive Board