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  • EERS Rencontre 2021 12 03
    7 December 2021

    PCS Presidium receives two high-ranking representatives of the Protestant churches from Syria and Lebanon

    Syria and Lebanon must not be forgotten! Rita Famos, President of the PCS, and Daniel Reuter, Vice-President and member of the Board of Trustees of Swiss Church Aid (HEKS), welcomed Pastor Haroutune Selimian from Aleppo (Syria) and Pastor Riad Jarjour from Beirut (Lebanon) in Bern on 3 December.
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  • Lichtblick Ostern
    17 March 2020

    «The Church is more than a house»

    The Federal Council's reclassification of the coronavirus situation as “extraordinary” and the further measures for containing the virus also have far-reaching consequences for the Protestant Church in Switzerland. No more services will be held until 19 April 2020.
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  • Zürcher Pfarrer, Adolf Keller
    27 February 2020

    Protestant Church in Switzerland, WCC commemorate work of Pastor Adolf Keller

    The Council of the Protestant Church in Switzerland and the Permanent Committee on Consensus and Cooperation of the World Council of Churches (WCC) will jointly honor the visionary work of Pastor Adolf Keller (1872-1963) at a colloquium. A hundred years ago, Keller, a pioneer of the ecumenical movement, was a trailblazer for both the Federation of Swiss Protestant Churches and the WCC.
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  • Seenotrettung Meer
    30 January 2020

    Tragedy in the Mediterranean – PCS Council supports civilian sea rescue operations

    From a Christian perspective, the images of people who flee war, poverty and climate change by crossing the Mediterranean and who encounter distress at sea, call for love and mercy. This is why the Council of the Protestant Church in Switzerland PCS backs sea rescue operations and decided to support the «United4Rescue» alliance, which was co-founded by the Evangelical Church in Germany EKD.
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  • Sommer-Abgeordnetenversammlung in Winterthur
    18 June 2019

    Federation of Swiss Protestant Churches: Summer Assembly of Delegates in Winterthur

    The summer Assembly of Delegates of 2019 AoD took place in Winterthur on the invitation of the Evangelical Methodist Church. Pastor Stefan Zolliker welcomed the delegates from the 26 member churches of the Federation of Swiss Protestant Churches FSPC to his church in Winterthur.
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  • Frauenstreik
    11 June 2019

    Beyond the Women’s Strike: “Wages. Time. Respect.”

    On 14 June, for the first time in 28 years, all women throughout Switzerland were invited to go on strike once again. They committed themselves to ensuring that the equal rights enshrined in the Swiss constitution since 1981 become a reality in everyday life. The Federation of Swiss Protestant Churches FSPC supports various concerns of the initiators.
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  • Kirchliche Weltgemeinschaft
    11 May 2019

    Church, state and politics – cooperation or protest?

    These days an interesting conference about the practices and perspectives of reformed Churches worldwide takes place in Horgen. 100 participants from six continents discuss the relationship between church and state in their countries and the theological thinking of Zwingli.
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  • Junge Menschen an der Schule
    17 January 2019

    Milestone of interchurch cooperation

    Swiss churches intensify their support for Christians in Syria and Lebanon
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  • Eltern mit Baby beim Laufen lernen
    16 January 2019

    FSPC once again certified as family-friendly employer

    Federation obtains “Family AND Career” label with an improved score
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  • Kirche in Bern
    18 December 2018

    Umbrella organization becomes Protestant Reformed Church of Switzerland

    The Delegates of the Federation of Swiss Protestant Churches FSPC have adopted a new constitution in the course of an extraordinary assembly on December 18, 2018. This vote paves the way for transforming the Protestant umbrella organization into the Protestant Reformed Church of Switzerland. The new constitution will take effect on January 1, 2020.
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  • 70 Jahre Erklärung der Menschenrechte
    5 December 2018

    70-year Anniversary of the Declaration of Human Rights with Arendt, Barth and Pope John XXIII

    Human rights protect personal freedom. But where are the limits of this freedom? On Human Rights Day on December 10, the three national churches and the free churches are listening to three critical-minded personalities who had their very own view of human rights.
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  • 18 We Speak With One Voice En
    7 November 2018

    Religious communities demand more protection for refugees

    First joint declaration on refugees by Jewish, Christian and Muslim representatives
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