“The new constitution of the Protestant Reformed Church of Switzerland transports the Reformed DNA,” FSPC President Gottfried Locher stresses. At the heart of the new constitution is the Protestant Reformed Church of Switzerland’s mission: to proclaim the Gospel of Jesus Christ through word and sacrament, diaconal and pastoral care, education and edification.

Like a route through the mountains

The President of the Assembly of Delegates, Pastor Claudia Haslebacher, faced the challenging task of conducting the consultations for drafting the new constitution in the course of two ordinary and one extraordinary assembly. Claudia Haslebacher explains: “The path to adopting the new constitution can be compared to a route through the mountains with many uncharted sections. On the way, everyone realized that the unity we were striving for must not be jeopardized by individual interests.”

A strong testimony of unity

“Moments of crisis were an important part of the process,” added Pastor Haslebacher. They forced the participants to discuss differences, to look for solutions together and to put aside individual concerns in favor of unity. “The new constitution that is the result of this process is a strong testimony to what is possible in terms of church unity.” Pastor Haslebacher thanks the delegates for their perseverance, their ability to endure moments of crisis, their intense discussions and their willingness to always keep an eye on the goal of stronger unity and cooperation on a national level.

First synod in Valais in 2020

In June 2020, the first Synod of the Protestant Reformed Church of Switzerland will be held in Valais. “The success of the new church fellowship crucially depends on all three levels – local, cantonal and national – working more closely together,” said Council President Gottfried Locher.”