The situation of the refugees in the Aegean Islands is catastrophic. The hardest hit is Lesbos, where according to the latest figures, 20,000 people are hoping for asylum or further travel. The refugee camp, which is now sealed off, lacks basic hygiene, which is why diseases are already rampant.

Hospital needs medical supplies now

Urgently needed medical care is being provided at Vostanio State Hospital in Mytilini. Here medical assistance is given to every patient, regardless of status or origin. Although a hospital wing was added in recent years, the capacity of 250 beds is insufficient for a crisis. “The greatest threat that doctors fear here is a coronavirus outbreak,” said Efi Latsoudi, the local coordinator of the aid organization PRO ASYL/Refugee Support Aegean RSA. “The healthcare system, which is already badly strained, is in no way equipped for this”.

This is why the Guido Fluri Foundation wishes to help as quickly and easily as possible. Guido Fluri noted: “We received a call for help and are responding to it. In times of the coronavirus, solidarity is needed everywhere – in Switzerland, but also with the poorest on Lesbos”. Urgently needed medical supplies, including sterilization boxes, have already been delivered, and other supplies are already or will soon be on their way to the hospital on Lesbos, including defibrillators. Among other things, protective masks and goggles were requested by the doctors. These too must be provided as quickly as possible.

PCS President Locher: Supporting Refugees with an Easter Collection

The aid organization PRO ASYL/RSA ensures that medical supplies arrive quickly and safely at Vostanio Hospital. The Protestant Church in Switzerland PCS supports the Guido Fluri Foundation’s cause and will donate to the hospital. “Our immediate help is for people in our own country, but we cannot celebrate Easter without thinking about the refugees. While the world is facing the coronavirus, the suffering at Europe’s borders must not be forgotten”, said PCS President Gottfried Locher.

For Efi Latsoudi, who received the UNHCR Nansen Refugee Award for her work on Lesbos, this aid operation comes at the right time: “In these dramatic times, this Swiss initiative is a great act of solidarity and humanity. The medical aid will save lives!”

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