Pursuant to Ordinance 2 of the Federal Council, holding public and private events is prohibited. As a result, all services and other forms of church life have been suspended. These include the Eucharist, baptisms, weddings and confirmations. Special rules apply to funerals: these may be performed, but only in the presence of the immediate family.

Churches may remain open, as the Federal Council has not ordered their closure.

In accordance with guidelines from parishes, individual forms of prayer and devotion may be developed. This proposal is directed toward individuals, as gatherings may not take place.

In this new situation, the diverse offerings of parishes such as neighbourhood assistance, pastoral care and online services are all the more important.

For questions regarding individual church offerings or the new ordinance of the Federal Office of Public Health, parishioners can contact their local parishes.

Easter will also take place this year under these difficult conditions. The Protestant Church of Switzerland PCS is currently developing offerings – under the banner “Easter Ray of Hope” – to replace the traditional Easter celebrations. The focus will be on the idea of providing spaces for rays and moments of hope.

“The Church is more than a house, we belong together now more than ever. We are a community and we foster community above and beyond all church walls”, said Gottfried Locher, President of the Protestant Church in Switzerland.