The 2018 Summer Assembly of Delegates AD is meeting in Schaffhausen by invitation of the cantonal Protestant Reformed Church. Sabine Dubach, Vice President of the Schaffhausen Church Council, welcomed the delegates of the 26 FSPC member churches to Schaffhausen, where the very first FSPC constitution was ratified in 1924.

“Healing of memories”

With this postulate, Michel Müller (ZH) and other co-signatories expressed the hope that the ecumenical openness felt in the course of the national memorial day “500 Years of Reformation – 600 Years of Nicholas of Flüe” held April 1, 2017 in Zug, should become a springboard for the reconciliation of the churches instead of an endpoint. The FSPC Council wants to realize this hope in the form of a legislative goal, yet to be ratified, that will shape the ecumenical cooperation of the FSPC from 2019 to 2022.

Final report on “500 Years of Reformation”

The delegates acknowledged the council’s report on “500 Years of Reformation.” Globally speaking, the project “500 Years of Reformation” was a success. The main goal to highlight the significance of the Gospel and the Reformers’ values for today’s church and society was achieved.

2017 annual financial statement and report of the FSPC

The 2017 financial statement closed with a deficit of CHF 73,607. Taking into account the major project “500 Years of Reformation,” the council was pleased with the result. The delegates ratified both the annual financial statement and the activity report, which were both structured according to the legislative goals.

Pastoral care in the Federal Reception Centers

Thomas Segessenmann, legal adjunct at the Asylum Directorate of the State Secretariat for Migration, informed the Assembly about current developments in migration issues, including the regionalization of asylum procedures. The delegates unanimously voted for continuing solidary funding of pastoral care in the Federal Centers in the 2019-2022 legislative period and increasing it to CHF 420,000.

After the statutory agenda items, the delegates will dedicate themselves to the second reading of the new constitution.