The FSPC supports a media environment that represents the diversity of all opinions and language regions, as well as the interests of minorities and disadvantaged groups and persons. It is only in this way that the Swiss people can gain a fact-based overall impression of their country. Democracy needs this kind of media offerings to thrive. This is the reason public service broadcasters were established.

TV and radio broadcasters must be capable of offering balanced coverage and of reflecting a plurality of opinions. The FSPC vehemently rejects all attempts to silence minorities and disadvantaged groups or persons. If TV and radio broadcasters are completely left to the forces of the market and no longer carried by the entire population as an act of solidarity, these voices will vanish from public life. The opinions of minorities would only be heard if they were profitable.

FSPC President Gottfried Locher adds: “Church broadcasts on the radio and television convey Christian values. If the ‘No-Billag’ initiative is ratified, the church will lose an important pulpit.”