The delegates adopted a recent petition by the Women’s Conference to include a paragraph on promoting gender equality. The course set on key issues during the first reading was confirmed.

National Synod

With the new constitution, the current Assembly of Delegates will be transformed into a National Synod.

Tripartite Leadership

It was newly decided that the Protestant Church in Switzerland is to have a tripartite governance structure consisting of a synodal (the National Synod as the chief governing body), a collegial (the Council) and a personal institution (the PCS President).

Conference of Church Presidiums

With the new constitution, the Conference of Church Presidiums (CCP, an institution consisting of the presidents of all member churches) is institutionalized and will have an advisory function.

Areas of activity

The future synod will be able to create areas of activity regarding issues concerning all member churches.

Next steps

In accordance with the constitution, the final vote on the new constitution will take place six months after the second reading. The delegates will convene in Bern on December 18, 2018, for the final vote.